Back in time

2014_NIghtjar   2014_NZ23-2

To understand the excitement I have for this expedition, we have to go back in time… About 12 year ago, I encountered my first nightjar. It was nothing more than a black shade piercing the horizon, followed by a deep mysterious rattling sound at the end of a warm summer’s day. Looking back on that day, it might have changed my life. That day I decided to become a nightjar researcher.

Many year later, in 2009, we started our first project to studying nightjars. And in 2010 I made my Master thesis at Leuven University on the spatial ecology of nightjars. Unfortunately budgets were limited and we were forced to continue this research as volunteers for the years to come. In February 2014 a new chapter was written. I was offered the opportunity to start as a PhD-student at Hasselt University to study nightjars.

Doing research on nightjars is my passion and profession. Being given the opportunity to find the most mysterious nightjar of them all, is like the best gift someone could offer me.


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