More Yabelo

Where we saw the vultures and the eagles:

IMG_0098-1 IMG_0123-1 IMG_0152-1 IMG_0165-1


The camels are important lifestock in Ethiopia (Camelus dromedarius). Like cattle, they provide a variety of resources (including milk, meat and hides) and they play an important role in pastoralist culture.


Birds around Yabelo

Stresemann’s bushcrow (Zavattariornis stresemanni) is endemic to central-southern Ethiopia. It lives in a small area circumscribed by the towns of Yabelo, Mega, and Arero in Sidamo Province.



IMG_0222-1 IMG_0237-1

We spent a night at the school of Madacho.

IMG_2378-1-1 IMG_2379-1 IMG_2382-1 IMG_2389-1 IMG_2392-1

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